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Phase 1 activities

The first phase was focused on developing the 2nd Generation of Indicators for Women Entrepreneurs, developing the Women Entrepreneurs Training Needs Analysis System (WETNAS) and developing the Community of Practice (CoP) to serve as non-formal learning tool and a platform for knowledge exchange. In December 2013, SEECEL successfully finalised the first phase which resulted the following outcomes:

OUTCOME 1: The 2nd generation of indicators developed, 9 national self-assessment reports submitted, 9 peer-review reports submitted, 1 final publication published in 1000 copies.

OUTCOME 2: One regionally applicable instrument/questionnaire for determining the needs for training by women entrepreneurs developed, translated into 9 national languages and deployed in 1856 companies in 9 participating countries, 1 final publication published in 1000 copies.

OUTCOME 3: Community of Practice (CoP) functional and recognized as platform for exchange of knowledge and information dissemination among at least 70 different project stakeholders, pilot institutions, regional partners and different WE initiatives. The participation of different stakeholders in the overall process has been increased for almost 20%.

The results of the survey are published and available at SEECEL website, as well as the publication on the 2nd Generation of the Indicators for Women Entrepreneurs and are available at the following links:

SEECEL's publication: “Women Entrepreneurs’ Indicators”
SEECEL's publication: “Women Entrepreneurs’ Training Needs Analysis”

These project outcomes are also listed among SEECEL’s strategic documents.
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